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October Wrap Up

Hey Minecrafters,

Firstly I hope you all had a super spooky Halloween with lots of candy, we have now taken down our Halloween decorations and swapped back to the normal hub while we get the Christmas decorations ready. Thanks to @Huntwren for the themed Hub variants.

We have added a /shop into both survival and sky servers thanks to @DragnLord . This is intended to replace the current physical shops, the donator /sell commands will remain as a benefit as they are still faster. The old shops will remain active for a while as we transition if you see anything wrong with the /shop post it in #help (The shops also allow for spawners to be bought from them)

Player Shops
The current trade signs we have Suuuuuck, we plan to add in a much better player shops system this month. keep an eye out for that. They will work alongside the current Auction house we have /ah

Kit PvP
KitPvP is now live on the games server thanks to @MattSoupp and is ready for testing, we plan to add more maps and things to it based off your feedback. Please use #help for any bugs and /idea for any new things to be added.

Build Comp
Another round of build comp is over the winner was @Source_1 plot ID -2;2. The next theme is you guessed it Christmas! Jump into the build comp and show what you can build for Xmas this year. The prizes for the Xmas build comp this year are 1st place - a $50 Amazon Gift Card 2nd place a $20 Amazon Gift Card 3rd place - $10 Treebo Store Credit. We hope to see the use of all tools (World Edit, AST , Heads, ETC) if you need something else added just use /idea
There is also a new Plots Control GUI coming soon to creative.

There is a few planned discord changes such a User Selectable Roles for what game modes you want updates for and for #giveaway.
Our Forums over at have had a refresh thanks to @C4_Demon
Still no more news on Hytale :frowning:

See you in-game everyone

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