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Sorting Out Roles (A suggestion)
Hey, it's ud, if you don't really remember me I used to be a really mediocre moderator for the server. (PLEASE NOTE:  I have purposely left out the builder roles/ranks due to the limited space they take up.)

This post will be in regards to the roles on both discord and on the server, it isn't at all telling any of you how to do your job but just a suggestion on a cleanup.

Current Roles
The current roles and ranks on the discord are extremely cluttered and just everywhere in general, when juwul and I started playing Treebo after my resignation we noticed how many different ranks there were.  He and I were vip+ and weren't even on the user list on the right (we have 1920 x 1080 screens too), and when I looked into it, there are 17 ranks and roles on the discord and server (including the trusted and partners roles on the discord).
Staff Manager

The Suggestions
The reduction of this number would be quite an easy fix and would require some permission changes and ranks merging.  The way I will show it, will bring the number down to 10 ranks.  Here's my proposal:
  • First off deleting the Trusted role on discord (as far as I know after talking to Rob, it's obsolete and has absolutely no use other than just to show the player is trusted).  If this is a representation of OP however, you could just create a suffix for Opped players to have a big [OP] at the end of their name.
  • Merging the two VIP roles.  The VIP and VIP+ roles are both extremely similar, however, VIP is a limited pack compared to its counterpart and is unpopular with the community (only a few people have the rank).  My idea for these two is to just make a singular VIP role/rank with the same perms as VIP+, and giving the old VIP users the new rank as a sign of appreciation for early support.
  • The first staff role/rank I'm going to highlight is the Helper roles/ranks.  As some of you may already know, the helper role is quite similar to the moderator role, just with limited commands and so on.  My proposal for the helper role/rank is to merge them with the moderator ranks.  The current helpers can be merged into the SubMod role, basically with the same expectations and perms as before, but just cleaning up two roles/ranks.  (Note that I have called it "SubMod" instead of "TMod", this allows long term SubMods making it seem like they're not shit at their job).
  • The next role/rank is the Staff Manager rank.  This rank is old and surprisingly got brought back for Huntwren specifically, my proposal for this rank is to simply merge it with SrMod due to their similar responsibilities and permissions.
  • For the Developer roles/ranks, I propose merging them with the Administrator ranks, to not only clean the roles and ranks but to also allow the current dev team more permissions and create an even larger Admin team.  The current developers (c4 and Physics) would be placed in the SubAdmin role/rank, and the SrDev (Shake) would be placed in the Admin role/rank.

Further Info
The Partners role will stay how it is currently, the Donator and Members ranks will stay how they are currently too.

How To Make It Work
For the current developer team especially, this change would be stressful due to the apparent change in responsibilities and expectations, however, this doesn't have to be the case.  Permissions will stay the same, but expectations won't.  Instead of being assigned work, a board should be laid out, certain jobs that need to be done by Admins and Mods can be selected and can be worked on by more than one person, with no exact due dates.  Obviously, if someone doesn't do their work, should some action be taken, but it allows a reduction in any possible stress brought upon the staff by giving them more of a choice of what they can work on at one time.

Although this isn't as well laid out as I hoped it would be, I hope you guys get the gist of it.  It's nothing spectacular and I don't exactly know how you guys run things now, but this is my take on the entire role/rank congestion that is, unfortunately, taking up so much space and making the groups of members to complex.  I hope this can be used as a reference for any possible changes but please send any feedback or questions in my dms or as a reply for this thread. 

Thank You,
ya boi ud

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