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Posted by: Guest
Yesterday, 11:24 PM
Forum: Minecraft Ban Appeal
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In-Game Name: Happi_with_an_I

Discord Name: NOOO discord

Reason for ban:: Greifing

Tell us why we should unban you:: because i believe i served my time and i'm sorry

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Posted by: Guest
03-27-2020, 08:37 AM
Forum: Minecraft Ban Appeal
- No Replies

In-Game Name: Xx_BEAST_xX2121

Discord Name: Xx_BEAST_xX2121#0129

Reason for ban:: I was hacking and making illegal items .

Tell us why we should unban you:: I love this server and want to play on skygrid

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Posted by: Robert
02-29-2020, 07:20 PM
Forum: Minecraft Ban Appeal
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In-Game Name: Test

Discord Name: icles

Reason for ban:: ur dumb

Tell us why we should unban you:: I'm a god

epic ban app

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Posted by: Guest
02-14-2020, 08:39 PM
Forum: Minecraft Ban Appeal
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In-Game Name: bray877

Reason for ban:: im not sure why i was banned it said lava greifing

Tell us why we should unban you:: because my friends told me i should get on again

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Posted by: TreeboMC
11-10-2019, 02:10 PM
Forum: Monthly Updates
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Hey Minecrafters,

Firstly I hope you all had a super spooky Halloween with lots of candy, we have now taken down our Halloween decorations and swapped back to the normal hub while we get the Christmas decorations ready. Thanks to @Huntwren for the themed Hub variants.

We have added a /shop into both survival and sky servers thanks to @DragnLord . This is intended to replace the current physical shops, the donator /sell commands will remain as a benefit as they are still faster. The old shops will remain active for a while as we transition if you see anything wrong with the /shop post it in #help (The shops also allow for spawners to be bought from them)

Player Shops
The current trade signs we have Suuuuuck, we plan to add in a much better player shops system this month. keep an eye out for that. They will work alongside the current Auction house we have /ah

Kit PvP
KitPvP is now live on the games server thanks to @MattSoupp and is ready for testing, we plan to add more maps and things to it based off your feedback. Please use #help for any bugs and /idea for any new things to be added.

Build Comp
Another round of build comp is over the winner was @Source_1 plot ID -2;2. The next theme is you guessed it Christmas! Jump into the build comp and show what you can build for Xmas this year. The prizes for the Xmas build comp this year are 1st place - a $50 Amazon Gift Card 2nd place a $20 Amazon Gift Card 3rd place - $10 Treebo Store Credit. We hope to see the use of all tools (World Edit, AST , Heads, ETC) if you need something else added just use /idea
There is also a new Plots Control GUI coming soon to creative.

There is a few planned discord changes such a User Selectable Roles for what game modes you want updates for and for #giveaway.
Our Forums over at have had a refresh thanks to @C4_Demon
Still no more news on Hytale :frowning:

See you in-game everyone

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Posted by: C4_Demon
04-18-2019, 05:09 PM
Forum: General Posts
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There are two files attached to this document that provide information about the creative plots ranks.

File 1. 

.pdf Plot_Ranks (1).pdf Size: 34.62 KB  Downloads: 5
, provides a quick overview of the Ranks, the conditions to receive a rankup (Build Quality and Quantity/Size) and the reward that you receive with the rank.

File 2.
.pdf Plot_Ranks_Info.pdf Size: 4.73 MB  Downloads: 5
, Is a large overview document that provides an overview of everything such as rules for builds, rules for groups of builders, description of the gamemode it'self and who to contact for support.

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Posted by: C4_Demon
03-14-2019, 11:21 AM
Forum: Staff and Builder Application Terms and Conditions
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You must read and adhere to these terms and conditions BEFORE submitting an Application.

1. Talking about, asking for review or asking for a friend about your/their staff application will result in an instant DENIAL

2. Asking to see if the Application has been received is okay but do not constant ask about this either 

3. You will strive to fill out the form completely and thoroughly. E.g. Writing out the correct amount of sentences that are required.

4. You must have a minimum of 12 hours of in-game time. You can ask a staff member to check your in-game hours

5. You must have been apart of our community for at least 1 week

6. You must be willing to help contribute to the teams you are joining in whatever way asked

7. You must also not abuse any powers you may have gained for your own benefit or for anyone else's benefit

8. If you are going for a influencer position you must include a link to your youtube or twitch channel for inspection. Ensure that it is your channel. Do not try to lie your way through as we will know and find out.

Click This link here to start your Application:

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