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Updates Community Update - March

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Aug 30, 2020
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Hi All,

We're back with another community update! Hope you've all had a great month so far. I'd like to shout out all the regular players that are coming back on a daily basis. It's been a fairly busy month for Treebo with a bunch of updates and bug fixes etc. It's safe to say that we're on the right track!

This month we've been working primarily on getting Skyblock up to a playable point. As well as our voting and rewards system. We would also like to encourage players to utilise the /ticket command in-game if they run into any issues or bugs. And we'll attend to them as soon as possible. This is to ensure that things don't become forgotten etc. I'd also like to encourage you all to let us know your feedback and suggestions at https://forums.treebo.games/index.php?forums/server-suggestions.44/

We're also constantly in need of staff to help out new players when they join and answer any commons questions that may arise in chat. We're looking for active community minded people to relieve some pressure off our admin team so that they can focus on fixing bugs and continue to pump out updates etc. You can apply here: https://forums.treebo.games/index.php?form/minecraft-staff-application.1/select

== Staff Updates ==
- Rob has been promoted to Manager.
- Zircon has been promoted to Admin.
- Annie has been promoted to Helper.
- Shake has left the staff team.

== Global ==
- All servers and plugins updated to 1.18.2.
- Issues with blocks disappearing / glitching resolved.
- Issues with getting kicked for too many packets resolved.
- Hub has had a redesign and some additions of NPC's etc.
- TAB has received a bit of a makeover.
- Voting across all servers has been enabled and updated. Players can vote for crate keys etc.

== Survival ==
- NPC's around spawn have been moved around a bit.
- New and improved crates have been added.
- /kit daily has been added for a daily crate key.
- Ability for Seedling+ to be able to Silktouch Spawners.
- Flight is now only enabled inside claims for Donators.
- Blast and other Custom Enchants should be back up and running after a recent update.

== Skyblock ==
- NPC's have been added around spawn to assist with information etc.
- New and improved crates have been added.
- /kit daily has been added for a daily crate key.
- Ability for Seedling+ to be able to Silktouch Spawners.
- The scoreboard has had a makeover.
- Have removed the ability to sit on blocks as was causing issues with slabs etc.
- Added 1.18 blocks to /shop for purchase and selling.
- Have changed server tick speed from 3 to 5 as a trial.

== Creative ==
- Tweaked in-game rank formatting.

Once again, thank you to all those that are actively playing and coming back each day. It means a lot.

Regards, Zach.
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