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Updates Community Update - February

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Aug 30, 2020
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Hi All,

Figured we'd try something a little different this month and trial a monthly update on where we're at and where we're heading. Just to keep you all up to date on what we're working on etc. As well as giving the community a chance to have some input as well.

First of all, I'd like to encourage you all to start using the Forums a bit more. It's clean, looks nice and feels nice. If you spot a bug in-game or if something's not working, we're not always able to fix it right there and then, especially if we're already in the middle of fixing something else etc. This is why I'd like you all to try and submit bug reports on the forums, so that way we can keep track of them all. We may look into a ticketing system / bot on the discord to make that easier as well.

Since the #TreeboReborn campaign a week ago, the staff team have been very busy grinding on the server to get things updated and to start ironing out the bugs etc for both Survival and Skyblock. It took a couple days to get our heads back in the game and to figure out where we're at, and spent some time reviewing ideas and current plugins etc.

Below is a list of things we've been able to achieve this week:

  • The forums got a revamp. Different theme as well as roles, categories etc.
  • Hub, Creative, Skyblock and Survival will remain open. The rest have been shut down for the time being to focus on updating the popular servers.
  • All plugins have now been updated to facilitate 1.18 on Survival and Skyblock.
  • Voting Plugin has been updated and is working again. /vote to get keys and other rewards.
  • Jobs have been updated and is also working again. /jobs browse.
  • Kits have been updated and is working again. /kits for donator kits.
  • Players can now fly in Hub and Survival Spawn to explore.
  • Rules have been updated here: https://forums.treebo.games/index.php?threads/treebo-server-rules.67/
While it is a short list, there's a lot more behind the scenes things that need to take place before doing these things. Especially when we are updating plugins, we also take the opportunity to look through and make improvements while we're at it.

A special mention to those that have donated this week. We appreciate you all and are thankful for your patience in ironing out some of the different bugs that you've come across etc.

Hope to see you all on the server.

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