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  1. Zircon_X

    Updates Community Update - March

    Hi All, We're back with another community update! Hope you've all had a great month so far. I'd like to shout out all the regular players that are coming back on a daily basis. It's been a fairly busy month for Treebo with a bunch of updates and bug fixes etc. It's safe to say that we're on the...
  2. Zircon_X

    Welcome All!

    Welcome All!
  3. Zircon_X

    Zircon_X's Introduction

    Hi, Nice to meet you all and welcome to the forums. My name's Zircon aka Zach and I'm a Sr.Mod here on Treebo. I'm 22 years old and live in Melbourne, Australia. I've been apart of Treebo for I believe 2 years now, was brought to the server by my partner Annie, who also plays here on the...