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Terms and Conditions
You must read and adhere to these terms and conditions BEFORE submitting an Application.

1. Talking about, asking for review or asking for a friend about your/their staff application will result in an instant DENIAL

2. Asking to see if the Application has been received is okay but do not constant ask about this either 

3. You will strive to fill out the form completely and thoroughly. E.g. Writing out the correct amount of sentences that are required.

4. You must have a minimum of 12 hours of in-game time. You can ask a staff member to check your in-game hours

5. You must have been apart of our community for at least 1 week

6. You must be willing to help contribute to the teams you are joining in whatever way asked

7. You must also not abuse any powers you may have gained for your own benefit or for anyone else's benefit

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